Behavior Change / Social Marketing

Encouraging consumer behavior change is a challenge many entities face.  Crescendo utilizes evidence-based social marketing techniques to successfully persuade individuals to engage in healthier or more desirable behaviors.

Behavior Change and Social Marketing can assist in a variety of ways, answering:

  • How can we motivate people to make better choices about their health and healthcare?
  • How can I help employees use their benefit plans more effectively?
  • What can my organization do to create a culture that fosters positive behavior change?
  • How can patients become more engaged in managing their health?
  • What will encourage healthcare consumers become more likely to choose healthcare based on quality or cost of care?

If these are the types of questions your organization is facing, then Crescendo can help.

Where do you want to see positive change?

Read how Crescendo's Behavior Change & Social Marketing projects have helped organizations like yours in our case studies below.