Utilizing Social Media to Promote Positive Health Behavior Change

Client: Not-for-profit healthcare improvement organization

Industry: Not-for-profit

Services provided: Behavior Change / Social Marketing, Social Media

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The Client is nationally recognized for its efforts improving the quality of healthcare in Maine.  In collaboration with two other similarly-focused organizations, the Client embarked on a grant-funded endeavor to improve healthcare consumerism in Maine by providing access to and encouraging the use of healthcare quality data to aid healthcare decision making and by helping consumers to make a more active role in managing their health.  The Client hired Crescendo to manage the consumer engagement program, and as part of the program, launch a social media marketing effort to help accomplish their goals.


In developing the social media strategy, Crescendo collaborated closely with several nationally regarded organizations, including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to review and establish best practices. Crescendo also created a steering committee representing many well-known Maine organizations to further develop the process and capitalize on local efforts.  The planning stages resulted in a multi-step process including the development of strategic roadmap to outline the social media goals and implementation process, the creation of monthly "topic calendars" to guide content, and the development and management of multiple social media sites.


The project roadmap and implementation document has received recognition on a local and national level and is being utilized as a model for other similar organizations around the country.  The social media sites developed as a result of the project continue to evolve and have been well received by consumers and healthcare organizations across the state.  

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