Improving Employee Health

Client: Manufacturing organization covering > 10,500 lives

Industry: Manufacturing

Services provided: Behavior Change / Social Marketing, Employee & Stakeholder Communications, Program Management

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The Client had a wide variety of educational offerings, wellness programs, quality healthcare initiatives, community partnerships, athletic teams, recreational groups, and food vendors already in place, but they were unconnected activities that communicated with the company through separate contacts. Participation in many of the activities was low and dependents rarely became engaged. The overwhelming culture of the client did not focus on health and wellness which was beginning to reflect in cost indicators.



Crescendo worked closely with the Client to develop a health passport booklet and stamping program that synthesized all of the company’s disparate activities, engaged dependents, and cultivated relationships within the community to create culture change. The development of the health passport utilized a wealth of social marketing principles to help employees and dependents set goals, understand the process for achieving the goals, and receive encouragement and incentives for success along the way. Crescendo also developed a robust partner program in which it recruited and incorporated over 100 local community businesses and organizations into the program. 


The various offerings were presented through a cohesive and straightforward booklet, bulletins, and website. The success of the program is being measured through several process and outcome measures, including employee and dependent participation, number of community partners involved, and indicators of positive culture change. To date, employees that had never previously participated in health and wellness activities have begun engaging in maintainable lifestyle changes and have encouraged others to join them.   In the first six months of the program, more employees particiapted in the health risk assessment (HRA) than in any other previous year. After the program’s first year, the culture of the organization is changing and the behaviors of employees and dependents have measurably improved. 

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