Healthcare System Strategic Development

Client: Major Healthcare System in New England

Industry: Healthcare

Services provided: Strategy & Business Development

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The client is a division of a leading health system and national academic medical center that is a leader in developing and disseminating best practices, processes and programs for transforming healthcare delivery.

Largely through state and federal contracts, the organization developed a good measure of successful grants and enough momentum to sustain some key staff from one grant to another. However, the multiplicity of the grants and contracts suggested the need for a more strategic approach to developing the critical processes needed to improve the sustainability and long-term growth of its services and to strengthen its national position as a leading professional services organization. Without cohesive strategic development, the day-to-day operational challenges were becoming unnecessarily complex. In some areas the complexity increased the organization’s financial and legal risk profile.


Crescendo Consulting Group was selected to help the organization develop a strategy and work plan to coordinate the development of the processes and infrastructure that would address a variety of day-to-day challenges. Some of the day-to-day challenges the coordinated approach sought to address included:What are the essential infrastructure elements needed in the division and which will be provided by the system, e.g. compliance with federal contract and audit requirements?How do we balance the demands of the private practice physicians and clinical leadership working on the grants with the needs of the health system and the university? Who decides which opportunities we pursue? How do we cultivate on-going national leadership in a model that is clinical, academic and entrepreneurial, but is outside the traditional academic/clinical path? What additional development capital is needed to create a sustainable business model? What is our role, if any, in commercializing the intellectual property and other assets developed through the work? As part of its work, Crescendo conducted a strategic environmental assessment and facilitated the development of a vision and business plan that enable the organization to meet the needs of its own system, as well as its state, federal and private contracts and grants.


Crescendo helped the Client develop best-practices guidelines and approaches to building the internal processes needed to broaden the scope of the organization from a small regional organization to a leading, national entity.  As a result of the work, the Client expanded its recurring revenue from multiple sources across nearly every state, increased its core staff from 15 to over 40, and increased annual revenues by a similar multiple.