Guiding Strategic Change

Client: Professional Association

Industry: Healthcare

Services provided: Research, Strategy & Business Development

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The client is a national association representing over 5,000 physicians and other healthcare professionals practicing in a specialty medicine field.

Despite its strong history, the Client was struggling to address the evolving needs of the field of the specialty it represented.  It wished to change its strategic direction to better meet the needs of current members, attract new members, and better position itself as the voice of the industry


To help the organization determine the necessary modifications to its strategic direction, a multi-pronged research project was devised.  In the first phase, Crescendo developed an online survey instrument that was distributed to a broad group of industry  stake-holders.  Crescendo collected and analyzed survey results and created an “informational brief” for the client that clearly outlined the key issues and needs of its constituents.  This informational brief was mass-distributed through multiple media outlets to begin positioning the organization as a go-to resource for important industry information.

In the second phase of the research, Crescendo conducted telephone interviews with select industry leaders.  Based on the information collected, Crescendo helped the organization develop topics for a high profile colloquium.  Crescendo then served as a facilitator at this national colloquium.


The colloquium attracted a variety of attendees, including executives of Fortune 500 companies and leading physicians and providers from multiple specialties.  As a result of the research and the success of the colloquium, the organization has successfully repositioned itself and has a clear strategic direction that will hasten its future growth and development.