Consumer Tool: Personal Health Journal

Client: Not-for-profit healthcare improvement organization

Industry: Not-for-profit

Services provided: Behavior Change / Social Marketing

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The Client is nationally recognized for its efforts improving the quality of healthcare in Maine.  In collaboration with two other similarly focused organizations, the Client embarked on a grant-funded endeavor to improve healthcare consumerism in Maine by providing access to and encouraging the use of healthcare quality data to aid healthcare decision making and by helping consumers to make a more active role in managing their health.  The Client hired Crescendo to manage the consumer engagement program.  The program had multiple facets - including a social media component - but also included the development of other consumer engagement tools.


A major initiative of the grant was to align local healthcare improvement efforts and collaborate with existing organizations.  To facilitate this, Crescendo created and managed a Consumer Engagement Leadership Team (CELT) that included representatives from a variety of employers, consumer organizations, and healthcare providers across the state.  Part of the CELT's role was, with Crescendo's guidance, to review existing consumer engagement materials from across the country and identify ones that would be most likely to be effective in Maine.  Crescendo collected and reviewed a variety of materials to present to the CELT, including a Personal Health Journal - a tool that helps patients keep track of important health information. 

Utilizing its experience and resources within social marketing, health literacy, and healthcare consumerism, Crescendo worked with the CELT to make modifications to the Journal, produce, and distribute the piece.


The new Personal Health Journal was well received and distributed to consumers throughout the state through large organizations including AARP, the Maine Education Association Benefits Trust, the City of Portland Public Health Department, the State of Maine, and Bath Iron Works.  Due to its popularity and accessibility, the Journal was also translated into Spanish and distributed to Latino populations through a variety of organizations in the State.

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