Community Health Needs Assessment

Client: Not-for-Profit Hospitals

Industry: Healthcare

Services provided: Research

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New federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act requires that each registered 501(c)3 hospital conduct a community health needs assessment at least once every three years and adopt a strategy to meet communty health needs.  Time and resource constraints make this new mandate a challenge.  Crescendo Consulting Group has in-depth experience helping hospitals engage diverse community leaders, identify gaps between existing community resources and needs, and construct detailed strategies to meet the needs -  while staying true to the hospital’s mission and budget.


  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative research with primary and secondary service area residents in order to identify and measure public opinion regarding health-related needs and services
  • Organize executive panel discussions to identify and discuss strategies to meet community needs
  • Review and test proposed strategies 
  • Develop consensus around a prioritized list of strategies for the hospital to execute
  • Create an implementation and communications plan that provides detailed direction regarding engaging community groups and using internal resources to meet service area needs


  • Develop an inventory of community health-related resources
  • Build a team of diverse community stakeholders willing to collaborate to identify community needs and prioritize strategies to meet them
  • Improve the hospital’s ability to strategically use resources to engage people and organizations in their service area
  • Improve the public image of the facility, comply with federal mandates, and avoid penalties

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