Harnessing the Power of Facebook for Good

Posted Friday, March 3, 2017 by Nate Bae Kupel in Social Media

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It’s hard to believe that Facebook has only been around since 2004. In just 13 years, Facebook has arguably become the most powerful social network site in the world with almost 2 billion users across the world. Regardless of whether you believe that the invention of Facebook has been a positive or negative thing for humanity, it’s hard to deny its sheer influence and command over our daily digital lives.

Facebook—like many other social media platforms—has become a treasure trove of information about how all of us spend our daily lives online. It can be pretty scary. From products and page likes, to relationship status, status updates, all the way to the movies and TV shows we watch—Facebook knows more about our online behaviors than we’d like to believe. All of this information is stored in Facebook’s business tool called the Facebook Business Manager. If you’re not familiar with the Business Manager, this is Facebook’s back-end engine for advertisers, marketers, and business owners designed to provide sophisticated analytical tools to better understand people’s online behaviors. If you’ve ever wondered why that Facebook ad was served to you in your newsfeed, just look in the top right corner of the ad and click the down arrow to find out what aspect of your identity or digital behaviors an advertiser might be targeting.

At Crescendo, we often say that we are a company with a soul of a non-profit. It’s a story line that spans across our work with organizations that are working hard, every day, to improve the health outcomes of all kinds of people. However, with so much digital background noise, authentically reaching people and engaging them about their health has become increasingly difficult to do. Millennials spend an estimated 18 hours per day consuming different forms of media. Now, more than any other time in history, we are more connected, and more inundated with conflicting messages.

At Crescendo, we have a unique approach to digital marketing. Our efforts center on reaching people with compassion and respect and empowering our clients to effect positive change in the lives of their constituents. As a professional who has worked with many non-profit, community-based organizations and behavioral health agencies, I’m proud of the work we do in this area and the role that we play in helping our clients communicate health services, promote disease prevention, and improve health outcomes. When Facebook marketing tools are used effectively, they provide a gateway to change people’s lives – for good.


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