As a consulting firm, we recognize the immense power of an idea: its potential as a vehicle of change. To best utilize that potential, inquiry, robust discussion, and cultivation of knowledge are key parts of our process. Below are our most recent white papers, case studies, and other publications written for our clients and for the firm—the concretion of our ideas.


Filene Research Institute Digital Branding Colloquium

Digital branding and social strategies are becoming the necessary norm for all businesses, including credit unions. In November 2011, Filene convened a panel of expert researchers and practitioners in San Francisco to discuss and show how credit unions should think about their own branding and digital presence as marketing moves to an increasingly electronic format. Crescendo principal, Beth Austin, served on the expert panel to present findings from Crescendo's yearlong social media study with credit unions. This video contains the highlights from the study's final report.


Engaging Healthcare Consumers Through Social Media: Maine Alliance Case Study

Whether you know it or not, healthcare consumers are increasingly turning to social media for medical advice; Facebook, Twitter—you name it. It's convenient; with a status update or a group membership, a plethora of suggestion is a click or two away. However, with the credibility of such suggestion largely unknown, it presents a degree of risk. Aiming to provide healthcare consumers with a critical eye for medical information in this forum, the Maine AF4Q Alliance teamed up with Crescendo in a case study designed to integrate their Consumer Engagement program with popular social media and add some expertise to the dialogue.


The State of Social Media and Credit Unions: Opportunities and Challenges

As referenced by the Credit Union Times in their May 4th issue, Crescendo recently finished the front end of a yearlong, longitudinal study for the Filene Research Institute. This report addresses the level of social media usage among a sample of 187 credit unions, highlights traits of credit unions currently using social media, and examines methods of social media optimization. To read the report in full, you can purchase it on the Filene site, provided above, or contact us to speak with a representative.


Using Organizational Social Networks to Promote Positive Change

You've probably heard of a "rumor mill." Within any organization's social network, information is able travel with frightening speed, because it only needs one thing to do so: a weak tie. Although weak ties might not seem as influential as our close friendships—or strong ties—here's our proposition: Why not use their conductivity to instigate positive change? In this white paper, Crescendo discusses the gears of social networking, the key players needed to spread the word, and tips to set everything into motion.  


Managing Generation Z

Generation Z, the Net Generation, children of 9/11 and the Iraq War—they're known in many ways. They text at the dinner table, they're skeptical of advertisement, and they have unlimited access to and constantly synthesize information. They're not characteristically subversive, but they favor empirical consensus over word of authority, and it has some employers at a loss. The question is: Why does Generation Z behave this way, and how can employers use this understanding to make them assets in the workplace?